Ever invited guests over for a late get together, only to be guiltily lead them into crashing out on your sofa? A bad night’s sleep could undo all the fun they had by the morning. So how do we remedy this? Chances are, if you are living in Hong Kong then you know how tight for space the apartments have to offer. You’ll most likely won’t have the interior space for a guest room let alone an extra bed. A sofa bed would work perfectly in this situation giving you two items in one.

The Fondo Fabric Sofabed with a smile is both visually pleasing and comfortable. This elegant modern statement is a new addition to the SofaSale Hong Kong furniture’s collection. This sofabed invites you to relax and sit comfortably. The sofa is
easily transformed from a comfortable sofa into a folded out stylish place for sleeping. Let’s face it, when we are tired the last thing we want to do is try to figure out how to fold out the sofa bed.

邀請朋友到家玩通宵, 才發覺自己客廳的梳化太過失禮? 只要少少改變, 狹小的客間隨時多出一個客房來! 你需要的是一張時尚設計的梳化床。

Fondo Fabric Sofabed 除了外表一流,同樣有如真床的舒適度。這個優秀的設計成為SofaSale 熱賣貨品之一,我們最引以為傲的優質質料,同樣在Fondo Fabric Sofabed 找得到。設計簡約大方的,適合擺放於家居任何一個角落,盡顯屋主品味。


Quality is what we pride ourselves from when it comes to our Fondo Fabric Sofabed. It is upholstered in premium strong fibre fabric that is very easy to maintain and present a long lasting look and feel. The high quality padding and fabric covers are made for ultimate comfort and lounging. All this sits on top of a stylish steel frame with a polished shiny look to it. This gives you a sturdy piece that you or your guests will feel confident when using it. The last thing you would want is a piece that is flimsy and breaks easily.

The clean modern style of the Fondo Sofabed makes it fit into any interior, whether you need it in your home or office. To add to this, it comes in a variety of colours to suit the tone you want to set in your space. Alternatively you can opt for the leather version.

Wait no longer and learn more about the Fondo SofaSabe and visit our SofaSale showroom! This may be the piece you have been looking for to give you or your guests a wonderful restful night’s sleep.