The distinctive, gloss lacquered Rocky commute was launched and quickly achieved the status of a design icon. The Rocky lamp comes in a recognisable shape with a modern expression. The simple, Ageless pendant consists of a metallic screen in soft, feminine curves and a chrome-treated suspension has a more masculine expression. The Textile cord is nicely integrated into the design and with its bright red colour it completes the complete outlook of the pendant lamp combination.The Rocky lamp emits a concentrated light beam downwards, and illuminates both the suspension and cord through a hole in the top of the lamp. Giving it the right stature it deserves.

擋不住的光芒- 標誌式吊燈     

這個獨特,光澤上漆面的吊燈一登場迅速成為業界吊燈設計楆誌。Rocky lamp 吊燈外型獨特,簡單明亮的設計流線型不失時尚,特別是配搭任何顏色都能發揮它獨有的吸引力。 除了外型美觀, 這種設計更能讓光線更集中,燈頂的一個小孔,令光線點點透出來,簡單的點綴成就了令人難忘的設計特點。

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