Shape, harmony and comfort make a perfect Arezzo Italian leather sofa. The refinement of style and originality of these modern sofas is given by the daily work of a team of stylists and designers. Shapes and colours in perfect tune, create a special atmosphere in different environments. The comfort is achieved with smooth and enveloping lines, and materials skillfully combined with innovation and technology.

This concept goes beyond the mere aesthetic element, and is able to cradle your everyday emotions. In addition, the Arezzo leather sofas are guaranteed hand-made, that ensures exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Discover the entire Arezzo leather sofa collection in your nearest store. Our staff is at your disposal to find the best solution for every style, comfort and space need.

More information about the Arezzo leather sofa, please visit the SofaSale showroom.

Arezzo 意大利真皮梳化

明亮,柔和、舒適造就了完美的Arezzo 意大利真皮梳化。專業團隊精心設計及揀選質料,無論任何環境都能配合得宜。信封型流線設計,舒適細滑,絲感質料同時符合現代感與傳統工藝。

Arezzo 意大利真皮梳化保證全人手製造,手工精細經得起長時間的考驗。現在就到我們的展覽室感受一下意大利全人手製造的獨特之處。