We assume you recognise the situation; you're working hard, bit tired and staring at that clock at the corner of your computer screen. Slowly dreaming away, wishing it was Friday 4:00 pm and  YES you're almost ready for yet another great weekend with friends and family.

You suddenly wake up, in fact it is only Monday afternoon.... bummer.

One of your colleagues brings in a beanbag, which was floating around the office as a sample for an interior design customer. A show jumping event is born... The colleagues of the Sales and Marketing department are keen to showcase their skills; the jumps becomes more special by the minute..

Conclusion: yet another fun day in the office.

Good to know the SofaSale beanbags have a strong industrial style zipper and on top a solid velcro closing. All sides are double stitched, to ensure this explosion soft landing will not happen anytime soon...

Looking for beanbags in Hong Kong to spice up your office, please visit us here:

有這樣的辦公室OT 我都願意 - 超好玩的豆豆袋



放心!Sofasale 的豆豆袋都是質料優越,不單以高級拉鏈封口、尼龍搭扣,四邊有雙重縫線,絕不會有爆豆豆的事情發生啊!