One thing that I knew I wanted to do as soon as I found out I was pregnant, was have a very organised nursery, especially if I had a girl since they have so many accessories.

Take a peek at how I organised my Baby Girl's Dresser!


I knew I didn't want/or have space for a changing table, so I got a changing pad instead, and this will be where I'll change diapers, I also put the diaper trash bin right next to the dresser.

That diaper cake my good friend made for my Baby Shower, it's so cute that I haven't had the heart to take it apart, so it will stay up there as decoration for now haha!

TrayThis tray has a tissue box, some cotton swabs, and cotton balls in the little "sugar" bowl.

Ok so now for the drawers!

I used the Skubb Box Organizers to organize everything in the drawers by the way!

Drawer 1Drawer #1 is just full of diapers. Easy access when changing Baby Girl!

Chevron Diapers | Bumble Bee Diapers

Drawer 2Drawer #2 has:

Washcloths that I don't mind getting dirty/stained. I'll be putting them under Baby Girl's butt when changing her so her changing pad covers don't get stained.

Grooming Kit with stuff like a regular thermometer, little comb and hair brush, etc.

Also a thermometer pacifier, Nose Frida with extra filters, etc.

Baby Lotions and Creams, wipes, pacifiers, pacifier clips and Wubbanubs.

White Washcloths | Grooming Kit | Princess Pacifier Clip

Pink Kitty Wubbanub | Lamb Wubbanub | Nose Frida | Thermometer Pacifier
Drawer 3Drawer #3 has socks, booties and shoes.

This drawer will eventually change once I find another place for her shoes.

These are the smaller sized shoes she has, the rest I put in her closet.

Drawer 4

Drawer 4 is full of accessories because - GIRL!

She has head wraps, sunglasses, jewellery, head bands, hair bows and hair clips.

Oh my!

Drawer 5Drawer #5 has newborn sized one sizes and pants/bottoms, 0-3 months sized onesies and bottoms and some burp cloths and washcloths.

Pink Polka Dots Burpy Bib | Hedgehog Burp Cloth | Pink Dots Washcloth Set

Drawer 6

Drawer #6 has 3-6 month sized onesies and bottoms, and some 6-9 and even 9-12 months sized onesies and bottoms. It also has bibs.

Drawer 7Drawer #7 PJs, zip ones, button ones, footie ones, cotton ones, fleece ones, really just a bunch of different PJs.

It also has towels, some bigger washcloths and extra crib sheets.

Ladybug Towel Set | Hello Kitty Hooded Towel | Pink Stars Hooded Towel

Pink & White Chevron Crib Sheet | Pink, White & Gray Crib Sheet
Drawer 8

Drawer #8, the final drawer has blankets, swaddle blankets, and swaddle bags.




第一格櫃桶: 放尿片。最放便就手的位置
第二格櫃桶: 清潔用品及小雜物,例如奶咀、小梳、探熱氣等
第三格櫃桶: BB鞋、襪
第三格櫃桶: 飾物。女孩子總會有很多帽子和飾物,一定要放好才容易找