In Hong Kong living-room space is an issue, we are all forced to maximise our floor space. At SofaSale we have developed a range of products, which can be tailored made up to your specific requirements.


香港住屋環境狹窄已是不爭的事實,大家唯有用盡各項方法增加屋內空間。SofaSale 明白你的需要,為你造出最完美的傢俬。


Bespoke Sofa Manufacturing Services

SofaSale offers a unique bespoke service; allowing you to have new sofa pieces made in accordance with your exact specifications. All Sofas made under our bespoke services are hand-made in our own production facility, by experienced carpenters. We offer you full flexibility in terms of dimensions, finishing, style and shape.By filling in the cost estimator tool below you will get an idea of the cost of your bespoke and tailor-made sofa. You may upload design photo or drawing, so your Customer Service team can discuss your specific wishes with our production team and come back with official quotation.

Please send us your email address, and our customer service team, will follow up on your quotation within 24-48 hrs.We would look forward to serve you soon!

The SofaSale Team