White is one of the most common colours in our home. This is not illogical, it is one of the most neutral colours, which you can combine almost any other colour. Often our walls we paint it white, and then finding the right color combination with your furniture is not so difficult. But if you have white furniture and find a matching colour for your walls and for your decorations, it becomes more difficult.

White furniture and light coloured walls

A first possibility is to your white furniture combined with white or light-coloured wall. This looks especially nice if both your furniture if you have white walls a darker shade. To avoid it completely boring and too chilly, you can color with a wooden floor and with your decoration. With cushions, a painting, a few candles and some plants you bring soon a lot of colour and warmth in your white interior.

White furniture and striking colours

Would you rather not have white walls with white furniture? Then you can just opt for brighter colours! Red, blue or green, for example, perfectly combined with white furniture. Each color radiates something different: red radiates passion, blue exudes calm and green is inspiring. If you do not want all your walls bright colour paint, then you can opt for different white walls and an accent wall in a brighter colour.

Choose your colours depending on the room

You should never forget the function of the room in mind. A bedroom should be especially calm and exude passion, so here you work better with red and brown than green or black. In your living room you have the most freedom, for a living can radiate different atmospheres.

You do not know what colours you can combine white furniture? Do not hesitate to contact our interior design team, they will gladly give you advice on the choice of colour in your interior.

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