A recliner that is great to sit in, fantastic to relax in and attractive to look at from all angles. Click here for more details
The chair initiates movement and variation and the design inspires you to change your posture whilst seated.  You achieve the most comfortable sitting positions when you allow yourself freedom of movement.  Your movement regulates the chair.

The sophisticated mechanics of the chair invite you to take part in "active relaxation" and offer countless seating possibilities. By shifting your weight, the chair can be smoothly tilted and swivelled round. The newly developed cross-shaped base provides stability and in combination with satinised steel, also an elegant look. The cross-shape of the chair base can be found again in the base of the foot rest and together they form one visual unit.

A perfect place for active relaxation. The chair has a fixed angle between the seat and the backrest. Independent of your sitting position, the recliner will always support your body properly whilst providing support for your arms. You may recline without slipping forwards or backwards – the movement is in the tilting mechanism, and not between seat and back. Furthermore, the organic shape offers many different reclining positions inside the chair.

ottoman seating

  • By using the footrest, a change of position is done effortlessly.
  • The neckrest is convex, thus enabling greater support for neck and head
  • Suited for hotel lobbies, reception areas, or relax areas at SPA-facilities, as well as in private homes.