Beautiful patio umbrellas, such as backyard umbrellas, can literally change the face of your patio, backyard, garden or balcony. With so many different styles and combinations of outdoor umbrellas to choose from, it's important to take a step back, look at your outdoor decor or patio design, and choose what kind of patio umbrella will best match or enhance your decor.

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Your first step is to ask yourself some very important questions. Many patio umbrellas are loaded with fantastic features that may or may not be suitable for the situation in where you need a shade structure. And if your purchasing more than one outdoor umbrella for different parts of your home, this is the best time to figure what designs, colors, or features you want for each particular area.patio umbrella shadesSome of the first steps you should take would be to look at your finished outdoor decor. What are the primary colors and styles you used to decorate? What kind of outdoor motif did you choose for your patio or backyard area?


Next, you need to look at the area you are shading in terms of size and function. What size area are you trying to shade? Are you shading a table or a lounging/ sitting area? Are you covering an area that you will be using for dining or entertaining?


Then, you need to need look at the functions and overall style you will be needing from your outdoor umbrella. Will you be utilizing your umbrella constantly, or will you be using it infrequently? Do you want a traditional garden umbrella, or a more modern and stylish market umbrella?