Many light fixtures designed in the fifties and sixties are still popular today. The best thing about choosing a retro light is the clear inspiration and the exuberance of post-war optimism. Space age designers wanted to create futuristic and exciting lighting.

Designers took advantage of contemporary products and processes, creating designs that were sleek and sophisticated combined to produce a very forward thinking look.

Space-Age Design

The Arco floor lamp is one of the most iconic lights ever made. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designed the Arco Floor Lamp in 1962 for dining table illumination. It was a design breakthrough in that it provided overhead lighting without a ceiling light fixture. Taking inspiration from the structure of street lighting, this overhanging lamp with its heavy marble base is a convenient way to make the most use of space. The marble base and arched light make it a true iconic statement. The easiest way to move the heavy marble base is by putting broomhandes into the holes on either side.

Our high quality replica Arco Floor Lamp looks and feels as good as the original. The square profile of the curved arc cleverly hides the cabling to the bulb and is adjustable for reach and shade height. This is the same as the original 1960's design and not like many of the replica Arco style lamps currently on sale, which have a round tubular arc.

The metal parts of this wonderful floor lamp are in a brushed stainless steel finish. The shade is in two parts and the bottom section of the shade can be moved to direct the light source, as per the original design.

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