Sofa retailer has announced a service to turn your old jeans into a comfy Sofa. Maybe weird to some, but actually a great idea to others. Give your jeans a second life..
Sure, the idea of re-using denim is not particularly novel. However, when an otherwise ordinary furniture retailer takes up this sort of project it shows the extent to which the idea of re-using materials (and eco-friendly lifestyle in general) has entered the mainstream psyche in Hong Kong.
“We want to differentiate ourselves from the traditional furniture retailers”, explains Arno Nieuwland, director of SofaSale limited. “By introducing new trends to the Hong Kong market, we want to create awareness with the consumer of smart ways to spend their money. Besides bringing more value for money within our line of products, the contribution to a greener planet is a key mission to us”.
It takes around 200 litres of water to create a washed pair of Denim Jeans. On average there are 50 million pairs of Jeans sold annually in Hong Kong and China, which results in 10 million tons of water used. Instead of throwing away your jeans and with it all the energy and resources to create it, we can re-use it and create a fascinating and unique piece of furniture. It seems recycling is not so weird after all.

After 17 pairs of Denim Jeans The SofaSale Denim X1 is the result.


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