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About Us

SofaSale is the #1 online furniture retailer in Hong Kong. We are part of an European furniture distribution company, with over 25 years of furniture history in the European retail market.

The objective of our business model is to make design and quality furniture accessible to a large group of consumers. Beautiful iconic furniture does not have to be expensive any longer.

Our discounted prices will be on average around 50-70% below the Hong Kong regular retail prices. 

We bring new items to our web-shop on a day-by-day basis. Feel free to come back and review our offers.

We operate a 4,000 sqft "New York Loft Style" production room, we operate our own 10th floor, conveniently located close to Quarry Bay MTR exit C.

On this floor we are testing a large number of furniture items, from Sofas, Beds, Lamps, Ceilings fan, dining tables, office chairs etc. Generally speaking the best sellers from our online store.

We have longstanding and close business relationships with 12 contracted global manufacturers. We have a few furniture items from every manufacturer in our Quarry Bay  product room. This will give you the chance to review the craftsmanship, the quality, and the finishing.

In case your specific style of Sofa you found online is currently not on display in Quarry Bay, you can review at least some other similar sofas from the same manufacturer, and we can show you the fabric/leather swatches, legs and cushions. 

We have many leather swatches and fabric swatches, so you will be able to customize your Sofa to your personal style and wishes.

You are more than welcome to visit us and discuss your wishes with our furniture design consultants. We are open every day, so we look forward to meet you soon!

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Our Vision

The Hong Kong consumer will be more demanding and will look for alternative sales channels to buy quality modern European design furniture. The globalization will create more cost transparency, which will result in consumers demanding sharper sales prices. 

Our Mission

Ensure our customers will never have to overpay for quality European Design Furniture again.

How to do it, what is the secret?

The secret of SofaSale is not a secret at all. Let us explain in more detail. 

The price is based on the cost savings made within the innovative set up of SofaSale. Which means: high volume buying power, long-term business relationships, access to left over stock, RMB trading relationships with factories, no expensive retail shops, no excessive sales teams to guide customers around, no utility bills, no excessive retail stock, etc, etc.

All the above cost savings are reflected in our pricing.

We do have a fully owned Quality Control team, visiting all our factories once or twice a week. Which means that every order will be checked before it will be send to Hong Kong. Over the past years, we have terminated business relationships with manufacturers that failed to deliver unto our own set quality standards. This has resulted for us in a few very reliable business relationships. We can give them the right volume of business; they can give us the right quality against the right price. Over and over again.

Value for money

We create a win-win situation. We at SofaSale can clear our stock and reduce the stocklevels in our warehouses in Asia, and our customers, will be able to buy high quality European Design Furniture against amazing discount pricing.


Since our business model is unique in the Hong Kong market, there will be no other company to match the deals we can offer.  Please compare our pricing to others in the Hong Kong market and you will be surprised. Some may try, but will compromise on quality. We don’t, since our main market is Europe and all our products fulfill the European quality standards.  


At SofaSale we operate our own trucks and we will deliver all our products at cost to your door. For smaller items you may choose to pick it up.

We have to charge the Toll fees to our Discovery Bay customers. For more detailed information, please visit our FAQ section.


We offer different payment solutions, we use the PayDollar payment gateway solution, which accepts VISA, MasterCard, AMEX. It is an easy and safe solution.

We also accept bank transfer into our HSBC account or pre-payment by bank cheque. Please contact our customer service for more details. 


Trust and reliability are of utmost importance to us, we believe in close and long-term relationships, both with our valuable customers and our manufacturers. If you feel this is important to you too, and you feel we can help you supplying quality modern design furniture; Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Quality guarantee

We offer on our entire product range 1-year quality guarantee. If your product is defective, we will send you a replacement. We only work with the most reliable suppliers that have passed all of our quality inspections. We also have independent inspectors who carefully examine all the goods before they are shipped.

Thanks for all the support and responses; please keep following us, since we will continue expanding our product portfolio and offer wonderful sofas against unbeatable prices. 

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